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Friendship Cottage Cheese for lunch is my favorite thing to eat, hands down.  I love to mix in slices of avocado, and add a tablespoon or two of salsa.

laraelo North Brun, NJ

This is the only cottage cheese I will buy.  I have tried others but I do not like them as much as I do Friendship.

BarbPM Colonia, NJ

Friendship Dairies is the only brand I trust and love when it comes to cottage cheese. Their products are always fresh and delicious. They are high in protein and calcium.

bittles79 Farmingdale, NJ

I love and have always loved Friendship Cottage Cheese.  It's the brand I choose when I buy cottage cheese.

renee1979 Brooklyn, NY

I've always been a big fan of cottage cheese. I bought the Friendship Cottage Cheese and I love it!!  This cottage cheese is so creamy and full of flavor. I actually had to stop myself from eating the whole thing in one sitting.  This is one cottage cheese that is healthy and not full of added unnecessary ingredients. I highly recommend!!

pamette2 New City, NY

I really love Cottage Cheese, and Friendship has the best tasting cottage cheese. I have always bought whatever is on sale, but really, I will buy Friendship now because the flavor and consistency is so much better.

sfrech07 Wayne, NJ

Friendship cottage cheese is healthy, rich in protein and very nutritious. It's great for lunch with fruit, on crackers, toast, bagels and even alone it tastes great.

boricuachick39 Bronx, NY

It is a healthy choice for me when it comes to breakfast, its natural tasty and keeps me full until my lunch break. It is also great to eat when you want to eat something sweet and not regret it later.

sofiaele Flushing, NY