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epicurious named us #1

Keto, meet creamy, creamy, meet Keto

Find our new keto friendly cottage cheese and sour cream in a store near you.

Get your hands on some Fruit on the Bottom.

The tasty way to sustained energy.

Friendship Dairies® cottage cheese is high in casein protein, a slow-digesting protein that helps extend your energy throughout the day, and keeps you feeling full longer. So, the next time you're craving a low-cal protein boost, just grab a spoon and dig in.

Get the scoop.

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Blow some minds with our Veggie Flatbread Pizza.

Goodness to go.

Pack a delicious, protein-packed snack for some yum on the run.

Your starting point for self-expression

Get creative with our full line of protein-rich and totally delish dairy products.

Bandwagons don't belong on dairy farms.

Just getting on board the superfood trend? Hardly.
We've been an Original Superfood for over 100 years.