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Word on the Bird

What are bloggers saying about the Original Superfood? We rummaged through the Web to give you a collection of articles featuring ideas and enthusiasm for Friendship Dairies® cottage cheese.

Blueberry Cheesecake Protein Smoothie


"This is a healthy smoothie that tastes like cheesecake. Nailed it."

Berry Orange Smoothie


"Filling, fruity, and undeniably refreshing! I just know you’re going to love this smoothie."

Ginger Kiwi Green Smoothie Recipe

"I wanted to make a kid-friendly smoothie that would also pack a powerful punch as far as nutrition goes!"

Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie Recipe


"Grab your blender and a tall glass because you won’t believe how delicious and satisfying this Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie tastes."

Roasted Strawberry Smoothie Recipe


"We used roasted strawberries, raw honey, a banana, and Friendship Dairies cottage cheese to create a protein-packed smoothie that even the kids will want to devour."

A Protein Packed Cinna-Pear Smoothie To Start The Day

"Starting the day right with a protein-packed smoothie is always a delicious option and this Cinna-Pear Smoothie has been my morning obsession."

The Honey Walnut Superfood Smoothie


"It’s incredible how good cottage cheese and honey taste together, and the nutty yumminess of the walnuts makes it so much tastier than any smoothie I’ve tried before."

Frosted Sugar Cookie Protein Smoothie


"A healthy snack that tastes like a frosted sugar cookie? Sold!"

Dreamsicle Smoothie


"This Dreamsicle Smoothie is healthy, rich in protein, and naturally sweetened."

Tropical Smoothie Recipe (3 Ways)!

"The first time I served this Tropical Smoothie recipe to my girls, their eyes lit up and the both exclaimed that 'it’s SO good'!"

French Toast Smoothie

"I’m bottling up everything we love about French toast and putting it into a protein packed healthy smoothie."

Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie

"This tasty Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie is an excellent way to deliver a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to you or your kids"

Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese - The Original Super Food

"Friendship Dairies has a richer, creamier taste that I really love in cottage cheese."

Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bowl Recipe with Superfood!

"YES! Cottage cheese is so versatile, and can really be mixed with just about anything if you’re brave enough."

Sweet Potato Fajita Cottage Cheese Bowls (Vegetarian + Gluten-Free)


"I love experimenting with cottage cheese in the kitchen. It pretty much takes on any flavor you choose to give it."

Cottage Cheese Caprese Salad


"You can take cottage cheese to places it has never gone before!"

Buffalo Chicken Salad with Ranch Cottage Cheese

"I’ve decided to take this restaurant favorite and give it a little makeover with this quick, easy and healthier version – Buffalo Chicken Salad with Ranch Cottage Cheese."

Mediterranean Party Dip


"Vibrant, full of flavor, and so good for you, this is the perfect dip to serve with a bowl of crispy pita chips or a plate raw veggies."

Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Breakfast Bowl

"If you are looking for a new fun breakfast idea that satisfies your sweet tooth, adds fiber, and flavor to your morning, look no further."

Superfood Power Lunch Bowl

"I’ve been having a ton of fun using the Friendship Dairies Superfood Generator to create energizing and colorful lunch bowls."

Friendship Dairies Mix in Sweepstakes


"The Superfood Generator is a fun tool to help you create custom cottage cheese recipes based on the nutritional benefits you are looking for."

Cottage Cheese Pancakes w/Friendship Dairies

"Cottage cheese doesn’t get a lot of love these days, but it’s really a versatile food (as you can see!) and it’s a great substitute in recipes for other high fat or high carb ingredients."

Enter Friendship Dairies Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes


"I am able to have a constant boost throughout my day, and because there are so many great mix-in options my cottage cheese is never boring."

Banana Nut Bread Breakfast Bowl


"Sweet or savory, you can’t lose with Friendship Dairies cottage cheese."

Blueberry Cottage Cheese Pancakes


"This is definitely a new favorite pancake recipe for me. Soft and buttery, bursting with berries, and hearty enough to keep you full all morning."

Try the Superfood Generator and Enter the Sweepstakes!


Protein Packed Breakfast Bowl

"I'm a reformed woman. And I'm heading off to the market to stock up on my cottage cheese, granola and apples because this is definitely my new thing."

Enter The Original Superfood Mix-In Sweepstakes


"Cottage cheese isn’t just for breakfast or snack. A one-bowl meal that is sure to satisfy all!"

Avocado Ranch Dip

"You can serve it with tortilla chips, whole-grain crackers, or fresh veggies, and you can even use it as a sandwich spread!"

Friendship Cottage Cheese and Salsa

"It’s high in protein and gives me long-lasting energy for a productive morning that sets the tone for my entire day!"

The Importance of a High Protein Breakfast (& my current fave way to get it)


" of my favorite ways to boost the protein content of my breakfast is with a side of cottage cheese"

Pineapple Melon Smoothie Recipe

"I never thought about putting cottage cheese into my smoothies before, but really, that’s a nutritional boost of protein right there (great for people who can’t have nuts in their smoothies!)."

Lemon Blueberry Smoothie

"Fresh lemon and blueberries are mixed with cottage cheese for a protein-packed breakfast!"

Creamy Coffee Protein Smoothie


"Protein, fiber, and caffeine all rolled into one – I love killing three birds with one stone!"

Friendship Dairies Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes!

Cottage Cheese, Pepper, and Celery Superfood Lunch Bowl & a Sweepstakes!

"I am so impressed by just how delicious sweet rainbow peppers and celery pair with the Friendship Dairies cottage cheese!"

Friendship Dairies Cottage Cheese - High Protein Superfood

"I’ve never had a tastier brand, and Friendship Dairies cottage cheese is a good source of long-lasting energy!"

My Friendship Dairies Superfood Mix-in Bowl


"Make a fun combination with Friendship Dairies and cool mix-ins? Yes, please."

Roasted Tomato Basil Cottage Cheese Bowl


"Cottage cheese is extremely versatile. It will take on pretty much any flavor you choose to give it."

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl


"We had a blast coming up with all sorts of different combinations. I would have never thought of half of these ideas on my own."

Peach Crisp Parfait

"Cottage cheese is so versatile and can be mixed with just about anything sweet or savory."

Friendship Dairies Super-Duper Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes

The Super-Duper Totally Fantastic Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes

"Personally, I just love Friendship Dairies cottage cheese on its own, and it wasn’t until I discovered the Superfood Generator that I even thought of adding mix-ins to my favorite superfood!"

Check out Friendship Dairies Super-Duper Totally Fantastic Superfood Mix-in Sweepstakes for your chance to win amazing prizes


"You can mix just about anything you can think of into Friendship Dairies cottage cheese..."

Chocolate Cherry Almond Bowl Recipe

"With cottage cheese being packed with protein and that its low fat has made it a must have option for this gal’s pantry."

Very Berry Breakfast Parfaits


"We love it BIG time over here (I have my mom to thank for that) and eat it 3-4 times a week when we want a healthy breakfast that will keep us full and energized all morning long."

Creamy Raspberry Almond Breakfast Bowl

"Before now, I have NEVER TRIED cottage cheese before! I know, shocker! I was always scared of it, which is ridiculous because it is just cheese and I am obsessed with cheese."

Strawberry Jello Salad


"With only 4 ingredients, it couldn't be easier to whip up and since it includes cottage cheese, I know that it’s packed with goodness."

Cottage Cheese Fruit Bowl

"Thankfully one of my favorite foods, cottage cheese, is a great source of protein."

Peach Pie Protein Shake


"I picked up this cottage cheese at Wegmans one day and it honestly tasted better than any cottage cheese I have ever had."

Tomato and Cheese Tart with Quinoa Crust

"As a kid I just liked the creamy, cool taste but as an adult, I'm in love with the nutritional content."

Check out Friendship Dairies new Superfood Generator


"What I love about the Superfood Generator is that you can add your favorite fruits, veggies and herbs or you can mix in things you have in your pantry and fridge."

Peach Pie Breakfast Bowl

"Need a delicious breakfast on the go loaded with protein, calcium, and flavor?"

Almond Joy Superfood Smoothie

"Cottage cheese does wonders for the consistency – you can’t tell it’s there but it just makes the smoothie extra thick and creamy."

Protein Packed Cottage Cheese Fruit Bowl & the Superfood Generator

Find Your Perfect Mix-Ins With #TheOriginalSuperfood Generator


"I never thought about adding in cranberries, or nuts, or anything like that. How brilliant!"

Honey Walnut Raspberry Cottage Cheese Bowl: A Superfood Generator Recipe


"I like the whipped style so much; it will be a frequent inhabitant of my fridge from now on."